decree de‧cree [dɪˈkriː] noun [countable] LAW
1. a judgement made in a court of law after a civil action:

• The council had already been successful in obtaining a court decree against the former MP.

conˈsent deˌcree
LAW an order by the court to end a civil case when the accused person or company admits that the complaint against them is correct and agrees to a particular course of action
2. in certain forms of government, an order from a president, minister etc that has the force of a law:

• The president issued a decree on January 26, ordering the re-registration of all political parties.

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decree UK US /dɪˈkriː/ noun [C]
LAW a judgment that is made in a court of law: »

In December a court decree ended the strike.

an official statement that something must happen, made by a leader, government, etc.: »

The Dutch government issued a decree laying down strict rules on the age of veal calves and how they should be housed.


rule/legislate by decree

See also CONSENT DECREE(Cf. ↑consent decree)
decree UK US /dɪˈkriː/ verb [T]
LAW to make a judgment in a court of law: »

The U.S. Supreme Court ruling decreed that apparel manufacturers - not the retailers themselves - could control the minimum sale price of products.

to officially state that something will happen: »

Several countries have lured back untaxed assets held abroad by decreeing an amnesty for tax evasion.

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